Friday, March 2, 2012

Anacostia Warehouse Supermarket


  1. Nice image. WRT TJ's though, the neighborhood foundation had to pay more than $1.2MM as an incentive payment for the company to agree to put in a store.

    And there are other alternatives. You could create a market like Belvedere Square in Balt., like a public market, with say 10-12 different vendor-businesses, thereby providing different options, and supporting locally owned businesses.

    1. I bet any neighborhood would love to have a public market, but judging from google maps the area around Belvedere square has population and income.

      I think part of the problem in Anacostia is that the main street, Martin Luther King Jr. Ave SE, is only supported from one side (the East). There is almost no activity West of MLK - it's all highway, park, and river (plus a few warehouses, a small number of houses and a single apartment building). That automatically cuts the potential market area population in half.

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